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Launched in 2003, Harbor to the Bay, a 125 mile AIDS benefit bike ride from Boston to Provincetown has raised over $4,8000,000 for four local HIV/AIDS organizations, including AIDS Action Committee. 100% of all rider-received pledges directly supports the programs and services of the organization.

2016 was the tenth year AIDS Action has participated, with 70 riders and crew members raising over $79,000, bringing our organization total to over $800,000 over the past 10 years.


Kaan Apaydin
John Benoit
Katie Bernwanger
David Bianco
David Brian
Crosby Burns
Ginny Casey
John Cupples
Jennifer DeMariano
Jesse Elton
Nick Elton
Gabrielle Fortier
Alan Frank
Matt Gardner
Andi Genser
Robson Govine
Grainne Griffiths
Carmen Guhn-Knight
Dylan Hurwitz
Everson Ladson
Nora Lutz
Kaitlyn Matthews
Barbara Miller
Athena Moore
Sara Munzinger
David Oliveira
Jonathan Padua
Ozzie Paredes
Jeffrey Perfect
Josh Perro
Ben Potrykus
Lawrence Reichle
Ashley Reid
Stephen Russell
Dan Salera
Liz Samuels
Thomas Schwarz
Carl Sciortino
Vashti Selix
Katarzyna Sierzputowska
Atticus Stanton
Hannah Sterrs
Paul Twitchell
Stacy Ulrich
Jacoba van Heugten
Christian Widmer

Top 5 Fundraisers

Crosby Burns
Jeffrey Perfect
Dan Salera
Liz Samuels
Thomas Schwarz


Jean-Marie Bonofilio
Peggy Burns
Shelby Carpenter
Lauren Cohen Fisher
Andy Diamond
Rihab Fahad
Mikhaela Houston
Andy Huang
Justin Isaac
Jake Kassen
Kimberly Kerr
M.A. Ladd
Kristen Lascoe
Jagadish Manvi
Byron McAlpin
Chris McKinnon
Jillian Meade
Germaine Morris
Michael Mosey
Julian Post
Jonathan Potvin
Sarah Quinn
Louise Rice
Glenn Smart

AIDS Action Committee Team Sponsor